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Central Illinois Youth Soccer League
Board of Directors Meeting

October 9, 1998

Present: Dave Hicks, Yomi John, Jay Ray, Mel Koch, Renea Berry, Lou Bass, Bill Christophel, Mike Cotner, Steve Berry, Jerry Bordenkircher

Absent:  Alex Ferguson, Steve Hutton, Mark Herriott, Phil Houghton , Robert McGuire

Guest:  Tom Kulavic (representative from SASA), and Brian Smith from Quincy.

Called to order at Peoria SFC site @ 7:30 PM

NOTE: Steve Berry has been appointed by the Bloomington Normal Soccer Club as charter representative to replace Ryan Lakin.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as given.



-No report available.


-Looking for a new committee chairman for Appeals and Protest.


-Nothing to report.
-Need ODP coordinator for next year.


-Phil was not present.

-September 13 there were no referees scheduled for games(?) at Sale Barn fields in Bloomington.
- Board will consider "reducing" home games from Bloomington at the next meeting-- asked Steve Berry to discuss with the BNSC.
- Lou Basso discussed games at Springfield where the referee was threatened and they walked off the field.
- We need problems reported in writing.

Scheduling & Format:

-Bob was not present.

-Recommended that the spring "Call for Teams" be sent by 1/4/99, and returned by 1/18/99; or, if late, teams will be assessed a $50.00 late fee.

WEB Report:

-Added Link for LISC and Peoria SFC.
-Complaints that Fall schedule never appeared on the WEB.
-Received Spring Standings (will put on the WEB ASAP).
-Weekly game reporting available on the WEB now.

Old Business

-Tie Breaker-- will change "Format" of the number one tie breaker to Head-to-Head results then Least number of goals against during league play then goal difference. Also, 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss. This will be effective for the Spring season.

-Changed "Format" rules pertaining to return of cards when team plays a double header-- when a red card is issued in game # 1 and player/coach sets out game # 2, the referee should give cards back and file report noting this after the second game; unless, the card(s) were issued for Violent Conduct (fighting).

New Business

-No interest by the board members in supporting weekly standings or game results on the WEB.

-E License clinic-- Lou Basso volunteered to coordinated an "E" clinic at Sporting FC.

-Next Year ODP in Springfield or Peoria SFC?

-Nominating committee of Jerry Brodenkircher and Bill Christophel for 1999 board member elections.

-Next meeting was set for Sunday, November 22 at 1:00 P.M. in Quincy.

-Annual Meeting will be February 7, 1999 (need more team involvement at the annual meeting).

-Need committee meetings prior to the annual meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:27 P.M.

 Respectfully Submitted
Mike Cotner


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