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PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Central Illinois Youth Soccer League is to organize, promote, and administer soccer for youth up to and including those nineteen years of age throughout the central portion of the state of Illinois, and to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play of all the participants therein.

The Central Illinois Youth Soccer League will achieve its purpose by:

a.  encouraging the development of clubs, associations, organizations, and programs so that soccer is made available to youth in all levels of competition.

b. encourage the development and practice of good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field;

c.  developing the principles of fair play;

d.  building good character;

e.  promoting the growth of soccer thru the Academy, and small sided games format for ages U-8 thru U-12.

f.  to promote and encourage instructing, training, and educating players, coaches, and referees to develop and improve their capabilities.



3/15  Schedules Posted - Go FINAL

3/26  CIYSL League Play Begins

4/23  Silent Sideline Sunday & Group Club Play - SASA & MidState SC

6/4    Group Club Play - IL FC   /  Last weekend of League Play

Game Cancellation Policy:  If a team or teams fail to show for a regular schedule game without proper notice that team, or teams will be subject to referee fees, and no-show fines ($200.)

Teams have seven (7) days to reschedule a canceled game(s).  If teams cannot agree on a rescheduled time, and one or all teams want to play said game(s), please notify the League Office whereby the League President will set a time and date for said game(s).

If a team requires the League Scheduler to reschedule game(s) there is a $100 rescheduling fee.  If teams reschedule game(s) on their own, no fee is assessed.

CIYSL does not allow "Guest Players' for League games.  All players must be carded to the team or Club, if Club Passing.

Please be advised it is the responsibility of individual Clubs / Teams to insure that directions to their said fields or soccer complex are current.  Directions cam be found on this web site under Maps tab, or Links tab.

Please take the time to review IYSA / CIYSL Policies on:

- Goal Safety & Player Concussion Policy  - these can be found at 

CIYSL has implementing the IYSA Concussion Policy and form for use during all league games.  Adherence to this policy is mandatory for all CIYSL members. Heading for U-11 and below is banned for all IYSA sanctioned events, including CIYSL League games.





Affiliated Member: I.Y.S.A., U.S.Y.S.A., U.S.S.F., F.I.F.A.


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2700 West Lawrence, Suite Q Springfield, Illinois 62704

Phone: 217-391-4118