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PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Central Illinois Youth Soccer League is to organize, promote, and administer soccer for youth up to and including those nineteen years of age throughout the central portion of the state of Illinois, and to encourage good sportsmanship and fair play of all the participants therein.

The Central Illinois Youth Soccer League will achieve its purpose by:

a.  encouraging the development of clubs, associations, organizations, and programs so that soccer is made available to youth in all levels of competition.

b. encourage the development and practice of good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field;

c.  developing the principles of fair play;

d.  building good character;

e.  promoting the growth of soccer thru the Academy, and small sided games format for ages U-8 thru U-12.

f.  to promote and encourage instructing, training, and educating players, coaches, and referees to develop and improve their capabilities.


Upcoming Events

  • May
  • 6
Illinois FC Spring Invite
  • May
  • 7
Illinois FC Spring Invite
  • May
  • 8
Illinois FC Spring Invite


Affiliated Member: I.Y.S.A., U.S.Y.S.A., U.S.S.F., F.I.F.A.


CIYSL 2016 Spring League Schedules have been posted to this website, under the schedule tab on this web site,  as of Friday, March 11th. 

There will be an allotted two (2) week time period for review of League Schedules.

During this time frame wholesale changes, major changes, or adding additional conflict dates to the schedules are NOT PERMITTED!!

This review period is to:

- Insure listed team conflicts were honored (no more than three (3). 

- Insure teams have the same number of games in a said age division,

If teams reschedule on their own, please be advised that you will need to know field availability and then make Mark Hansen aware of the agreed upon change(s) to updated schedules.  Mark will not be able to know availability if teams go to a Saturday, mid-week, or different location.

Schedules will be final as of Friday, March 25th.

PLEASE BE ADVISED!   Teams that attempt to change the league schedules after March 25th will result in clubs/teams being assessed fines as listed on the League Fine Schedule grid.  *NEW - Failure to provide proper and/or sufficient notice to all teams involved for the cancellation of a league game(s) has been increased to $200.00

Once the season has started, and if a game or games have been cancelled, and if said teams cannot agree to a rescheduled date within seven (7) days of the originally game date - you need to contact the League President, Jay Ray at  

Updates & News


2700 West Lawrence, Suite Q Springfield, Illinois 62704

Phone: 217-391-4118